My year in knitting

What a year it was. I can't believe how much I got done this year.

This is the first sweater I made for Ms. M. She got another little cardigan as well. I finished a pullover for myself, as well as a little shrug, too.
I started the year with a huge sock fest. I think I finished at least 10 pairs of socks through out the year. The pair pictured is one of my favorites, even if I didn't work it out so that the stripes would line up.

I dyed a whole lot of yarn this year. I'm guessing that I did at least 50 skeins, but it might be a significantly higher number. I sold a lot, but kept a bunch of the yarn for myself, because it's so fun to play with.

This fall I was on a definite hat kick. Looking over my photos, I can find pictures of at least 30 different hats. EEEEE. At some point I'll get the pictures all loaded up onto my flickr account. For that matter, I'll get my flickr account reasonably organized, too.
The latest kick has been stranded color work, especially in bags. I'm really happy with how my first bag pattern (Celtic wanna be) has been received. Heck, I'm REALLY happy with how the bag turned out.
I also rather like this little ipod/cell phone cozy. It started out as a wrist warmer (Yeah, I made a ton of those, too), but ended up as a little cozy.
And, last, but not least, a peak at where knitting is taking me in the new year. The beginnings of a few projects that are on the needles now. I hope that this coming year will be as productive and creative as last year was!

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