New projects have begun

I've started two new bags this week, but am anticipating that I will have to start more projects as I wait for more yarn to arrive. Yarn that I haven't ordered yet. Yarn that will be ordered tomorrow.

I think I'll almost have enough of the two darker blues to finish the blue bag, but honestly, I think I'm going to end up a few rounds short. And if I order more, I'll have more choices for color of handle, though it will probably be brown.

I'm pleased with the variety of textures through pattern I have in the blue bag, and am looking forward to seeing the center motif surrounded by knitting.

The second bag, which I just started tonight, is going to run out of the medium green that makes up the bottom. That will probably happen within another repeat of the 20 row chart. (Why am I making excuses to buy more yarn? I should just write up the darned order now.) The chart is from Ann Feitelson's book, though I've changed the colors around, since I much prefer green and purple.

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