Knitting away!

It's been less than a week since I bought the knifty knitter, and I've really been going to town. Today I finished the grey/black scarf - one strand of super soft worsted weight black and one strand of Patons Divine Grey, which is divinely soft. The scarf looks good and feels delicious.

I've also finished about half of a green and purple scarf made from Lion Brand Homespun, which seems like a great yarn. It's easy to work with, very soft, and has a cool texture to it. The scarf has stripes of green and purple, and I'm making it to go with a hat that was knit with one strand of each color.

I'm pondering my next project, and have lots of options, but I'm either going to start a hat with a cuff from the Divine in red with a black worsted weight, and the hat part of red and black worsted weight. But I have to knit out a bit of the red and black to see how that works. I might just stick with red and have all the impact be in the change of texture.

I'm also thinking of doing a larger scarf/shawl, but haven't picked out yarn for that. And, since I've spent enough this month on yarn, I'd better just wait.

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