Measure Twice, Cut Once. Or, the wisdom of paying attention.

Maybe some day I should just sit down and follow some directions. It might make things a bit more straightforward, if not easier. But where would the fun be in that?

Take this sweater, for example. It'll be a cute little zippered vest for my co-worker, who has graciously agreed to be a model for my designs.

I know I did the math right, but apparently my counting wasn't correct, and I placed the sleeve holes incorrectly, making the back smaller than the front (it's knit in the round).

Ok, I thought to my self when I figured out that mistake. I'll just put a zipper in, instead of making a button panel, and that will work. Right.

When I laid the vest out for blocking, after I'd steeked the front, and put in a zipper, I just couldn't get it to lay out correctly.

So, finally I figured out that not only were the sleeve holes placed incorrectly towards the back, they were also not put in symmetrically. One sleeve is further back than the other.

I can (and will) fix this. It's an easy rip and replace/stitch the zipper, with a bit of cleaning up on the inside. But it should be easy.

I hope.

Obviously I need to pay better attention in the future.

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