Obviously I'm lame

Since I haven't been updating as often as I like. (Realistically, my goal was at least once a week, preferably more.) But, you know, I'm lame. And life does interrupt.
Well, more accurately, KNITTING does interrupt. I've been plowing through my stash, making various different baby soakers, leggings, and shorties, like the one pictured below. They're wonderfully fast knits and are great for using up my stash of wool. I particularly like the colors of this pair of shorties. Wouldn't it make a great sweater for me?

My mom was here last week, and with her company, I was able to knock out the shrug I'd started way back when. No pictures yet, but it's from Araucania's Atacama Nature Alpaca, in one of the green colorways. So perfect for cuddling up on the sofa to watch Lost.

Now I've got baby stuff to work on - including finishing up some items for a shower that starts in three and a half hours! Eeek!

More in the not too distant future, including the chart and pattern for Bagged.

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