Creativity or Laziness?

I love the way stranded knitting looks from the inside. And, wouldn't it be fun to wear it inside out without weaving in the ends? Ok, maybe that's just me being lazy. (But the insides do look cool.)
I finally finished up the hat and gloves set for Katie at the school's grandchildren. She seems very happy with them, and I'm rather pleased, too. Yeah, it's acrylic yarn and fun fur, but it should be washable and easy to wear for the girls.

Also finished up the hat and wrist warmers for my mom and got them shipped off today, and dropped off another pair of wrist warmers for Sally. Whew. I think I'm all done with my knitting for other people. Now I can focus on presents and the knitting I'm doing for patterns.
After my trunk show in November, I bought one skein of every color of knit picks palette and telemark yarns. My goal is to try to use at least a little of every skein within the next year. I foresee a LOT of stranded colorwork in front of me!
Now, it's time for knitting and watching survivor!

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