Chevron stitch flat panel

Multiple of 8+1
Rows 1 + 2: K1, *P7, K1* to end
Rows 3 + 4: K2, *P5, K3* P5, K2
Rows 5 + 6: K3, *P3, K5* P3, K3
Rows 7 + 8: K4, *P1, K7* P1, K4
Rows 9 +10: P1, *K7, P1* to end
Rows 11+12:P2, *K5, P3* K5, P2
Rows 13+14:P3, *K3, P5* K3, P3
Rows 15+16:P4, *K1, P7* K1, P4

I will post a picture as soon as I have a better sample.

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