This bag uses a chart from a most excellent book called Here Be Wyverns, by Nancy Spies. http://www.weavershand.com/ArelateStudio.html
This particular chart is from a 14th century Byzantine piece in etched silver.

Materials: 1 skein each: (MC) Cascade 220 Grape Jelly, (CC1) Cascade 220 Heathers Galaxy
(CC2) Cascade 220 Heathers Baby Rose Heather

24" Size 10 circular needles
Cast on 140 stitches in MC. Place marker and join, being careful not to twist stitches. Knit two rounds, then begin working chart in MC and CC1. (White = MC, Purple = CC).
Work to red line, then switch to MC and CC2. Finish working through chart, then repeat whole chart in MC and CC2.
Switch back to MC and CC1, working to red line.
(The middle section of the bag is worked in the pattern of the chart, so that you have a more subtle version of the pattern there.)


Knit 2 rounds in MC.

Round 3: Knit 25 stitches, bind off 20 stitches, knit 50 stitches, bind off 20 stitches, knit 25 stitches.

Round 4: Knit 25 stitches, cast on 20 stitches, knit 50 stitches, cast on 20 stitches, knit 25 stitches.

Rounds 5-9: Knit

Round 10: Purl

Rounds 11-14: Knit,

Bind off all stitches.


Fold handle fabric to the inside at the purl row, tacking it down with stitches.
Turn bag inside out, and seam the bottom with mattress stitch. Sew in all ends.

This bag needed to be run through the felting process twice. (Throw it in the washer with towels or jeans, wash on warm or hot/rinse on cold.) Stuff it with plastic bags or find something else to use as a "mold".


Jinann said...

Love the pattern on the bag! I need to add this to my "queue"....which is getting quite large at this point!

Knitting Cowgirl said...

Love it! Just wondering if the directions are complete. The instructions didn't seem to have the" body" of the bag between the top and botton designs? Looking at the picture, I know what to do, but a new knitter would be confused. ( unless I'm still asleep this morning and missunderstand, then I apologize!)

Anonymous said...

Cowgirl - it seems to me that the body if the bag is knit in pattern in 'grape' and 'heather' and that the picture just doesn't show that very well - i think that the whole bag is knit in the pattern, it says to start with grape and black and knit the pattern just to the red line, switch to grape and heather and knit the pattern right through, then back to black and grape for a short while. because the heather and the grape are only subtly different colours - the picture makes it appear that the bag has a solid section. I hope that helps you - it IS a cute bag!

lisabeedesigns said...

Hi Cowgirl,

Debbie is right. The bag is knit with the pattern going through the whole bag, with the color changing part way through.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a clear enough photo of the bag to show the pattern in the middle. (It's obviously much more subtle!)

Let me see if I can change the wording in the pattern a little bit to make it more clear.

Thanks for the question and the response, too!


Tally Knits said...

How large is the finished bag? I love love love it...

lisabeedesigns said...

Hi Crazybunny,

The bag, as I made it, is about 11" x 15". However, it's pretty easily adjustable to larger or smaller sizes.

You can change the yarn used (or knit it double stranded on huge needles) to make it larger or smaller, with the same look.

Alternatively, you can play around with the math and add another couple of rows or columns of the pattern to make it deeper or wider.

I'm glad you like it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I love the design of this bag and am thinking of making it. The pattern states size 10 needles, is this a US size 11? Thanks Chris

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant 'US size 10'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I used US size 10 needles. But, since you're felting and because fit isn't critical, the size of the needle isn't particularly important. The main thing is to make sure that the resulting stitches are loose enough that they can get a lot of friction going when you felt it.

Hope you enjoy the pattern,