Don't you hate running out of yarn?

Here's hoping that the yarn I ordered matches the yarn I'm using, otherwise my sweater is going to look a wee bit funny. Maybe in the future I'll plan better.

HA! as if.

I finished up a bunch of soakers today. I think they're awfully cute. I like that they're fast and easy, and a good way to use up a skein of yarn. And when I knit, I keep out of trouble.


Bagged Pattern


This is a great pattern to use up all that extra feltable yarn that I know you've got hanging around in your stash!

Materials: A variety of worsted weight or fingering weight wool yarn (pick something that felts!). You'll need roughly 3 good sized skeins worth.

For the darker green/blue/purple bag, I used a selection of Knit Picks Palette. For the lighter bag, I used hand dyed Knit Picks bare. Or, use a heavier yarn and larger needles for a bigger bag.

24" size 8 -10 circular needles

size 8-10 DPNs

To start: Divide your yarn into two groups, A and B. You can divide by color, value (light/darkness), warm and cool. The darker bag was divided into a green/blue group and a purple/grey group. The lighter bag was divided into a warm (reds/yellows/oranges) and a cool (blues/greens). Have fun, go wild! And, when in doubt, add more colors! (Though I think this bag would look great in just black and white.)

If you are using a fingering weight yarn, make sure to knit everything double stranded!

Body: Pick any yarn from group A, and cast on 132 stitches. Place marker and join, being careful not to twist stitches. Knit two rounds, then add a yarn from group B and begin working chart. You will work through the chart 4 times, changing yarn as you feel like it. (I found that giving each color about 7-10 rows felt good for me. I also made sure that I didn't change both A and B yarns in the same row.)

After working the chart 4 times, drop the group B yarn, and knit 4 rounds in K2 P2 rib.

Handle: On the next round, knit 4, bind off 58, place 8 stitches on a holder, bind off 58, knit 4. Move stitches to DPNs and work an 8 stitch I-cord for about 16 inches. Work the final row back as a purl row, then attach the handle to the 8 stitches on the holder using a kitchener stitch.

Turn bag inside out and seam the bottom with mattress stitch. Sew in all ends.

I felted the bag by throwing it into the washer with a few towels and running it on the "warm/cold" setting. I've got a front loading machine, and just let it go through the whole cycle.

Stuff bag with plastic bags to shape it while it dries.


Obviously I'm lame

Since I haven't been updating as often as I like. (Realistically, my goal was at least once a week, preferably more.) But, you know, I'm lame. And life does interrupt.
Well, more accurately, KNITTING does interrupt. I've been plowing through my stash, making various different baby soakers, leggings, and shorties, like the one pictured below. They're wonderfully fast knits and are great for using up my stash of wool. I particularly like the colors of this pair of shorties. Wouldn't it make a great sweater for me?

My mom was here last week, and with her company, I was able to knock out the shrug I'd started way back when. No pictures yet, but it's from Araucania's Atacama Nature Alpaca, in one of the green colorways. So perfect for cuddling up on the sofa to watch Lost.

Now I've got baby stuff to work on - including finishing up some items for a shower that starts in three and a half hours! Eeek!

More in the not too distant future, including the chart and pattern for Bagged.