Norwegian Star Hat Pattern

Size: One

Materials: Knitpicks Palette, 1 skein each of Bark (MC), Brindle Heather, Nutmeg, Twig, Salsa Heather, Fawn, Golden Heather, Tan, and Ivy.

Needles: 16 or 24 inch circular needles, size US 6, double point needles, size 6.

Gauge: 20 st/12 rows=4 inches, knit double stranded on size 6 needles.

Pattern: The whole hat is knit double stranded using two strands of the same color of yarn. Using MC, cast on 102 stitches on circular needles. Join, being careful not to twist, and work in stockinette stitch for 2 inches.

Begin working Fair Isle chart. Chart is 35 stitches wide and will be repeated 3 times in each round.

Knit one round of MC.

Place marker, [K17, place marker] 5 times, k to end. 6 markers on needle.

Shape crown
Round 1: [k to 2 sts before next marker, k2tog] 6 times.
Round 2: Knit

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 9 times, until there are 54 stitches remaining. Repeat round 1, switching to double point needles when needed, until there are 6 stitches left. Break yarn, and thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight.


Anonymous said...

this is lovely. i think there must be a typo on the gauge...40 sts/4" would make the diameter of the hat awfully small. i'm guessing the gauge is about 5 sts/"? i found it on ravelry...

Anonymous said...

You're right! I'm changing that right now.

Should be 20 sts/ 4"

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. Is it meant to fit a child? If so, what age? Or does it fit an adult?